Empire Monster Carpet Sale

One of the most popular and memorable Empire Today television commercials was created for a Halloween promotion for Empire Carpet and is affectionately known as “Vampire Lynn.” It was, as he said, “A Monster of a Sale.” The commercial was shot on a spooky darkened set, decorated with spider webs, candles and of course, a coffin. The commercial itself featured Lynn Hauldren as a vampire, complete with cape, fangs and a Transylvanian accent. A professional make-up artist was called in for his Transylvanian transformation.” to “Empire Today even went so far as to hire a professional make-up artist to oversee Lynn’s Dracula transformation. Lynn got a kick out of playing the role, even though he struggled a bit with his fangs. On several takes, Lynn’s special vampire teeth actually fell out as he attempted to read his lines, but that didn’t stop the Empire Carpet Man from delivering a wonderful performance. The spot ends with the well-known Empire Jingle. The commercial became a classic and ran for many years during the Halloween season.