Empire Commercials featuring Empire Carpet Man

Empire Today has been operating for over 50 years, and its brand prevalence has been around for almost as long. The unforgettable carpet man and infamous jingle have been a part of Empire’s identity for over 3 decades. In the late 1970′s, the Empire Carpet Man appeared in Chicago and since then, has won the hearts of the citizens of the Windy City. The Empire Carpet Man is now an icon of Chicago and engrained within Chicago’s history! After expansion of Empire Today in the 1990′s, The Empire Carpet Man earned his fame nationwide, bringing happiness and joy to customers across America.

For those that grew up in the Chicagoland area, the Empire Carpet Man is as much a part of the local flavor as deep dish pizza and mustard-only hot dogs. However, the influence of the kind man with sparkling eyes featured in Empire Carpet® ads spread from its Midwestern origins to the heights of pop culture. Rock musicians, reality show celebrities, and television stars have all paid homage to the Empire Carpet Man and the Empire Today jingle.

Relive your favorite Empire Today commercials that showcase Empire flooring and carpeting products and promotions in our Empire Carpet Commercial Archives. You can also follow Empire Today on YouTube and watch hundreds of classic Empire carpet commercials to see how Empire has grown with time. We encourage you to explore just how far we’ve come through video clips and commercials.


Empire Carpet Man − A Beloved Legend

There has been so much buzz over the years over one man that captured the hearts of many Americans and continues to do so, even after his death… the Empire Carpet Man. Whether it is the nostalgic commercials of the one man show performed by the Empire Carpet Man himself or his mascot who has travelled around the U.S. visiting Empire Carpet fans, this popular celebrity is surely well-loved among many Americans. To find out who was the man behind the personality, visit Empire Carpet Man.