How It All Began

Lynn Hauldren became an advertising icon when he took on the role of Empire Carpet Man as Empire Today’s well-known spokesperson. Hauldren, who created the Empire Carpet Man for Empire Carpet commercials, eventually became the face of Empire Today.

Local Flavor That Captured A Nation’s Heart: The Empire Carpet Man Story

The Empire Carpet Man began as a local figure who eventually became a national cultural icon. Audiences who saw the classic Empire Carpet commercial immediately warmed to his mild mannered, friendly personality and gently soothing voice. Even as Empire Today grew from a local home renovation company to a national force, the Empire Carpet Man remained the sort of character who reminded viewers of a trusted grandfather, or kindly neighbor.

Brilliant in its simplicity, the Empire Carpet Man theme was central to building the brand identity of Empire Carpet. Even today, viewers wax nostalgic about hearing the familiar Empire Carpet jingle as children. The catchy tune heard in the commercials and the kindly demeanor of the Empire Carpet Man remind audiences of a bygone era, when deals could be made with handshakes and both quality and service were of paramount importance to local small businesses.

More on the Empire Carpet Man – An Unforgettable Chicago Icon

In today’s overly competitive marketing world, advertisers fight to create jingles and other memorable material that will make their products iconic. Yet, long before the internet and slick product placement were the methods of choice, simple jingles served to engrave the identity of a company in the minds of audiences. When asked to cite the most influential jingle of all time, many people will immediately sing, “five, eight, eight, two, three hundred – Empire!” Indeed the Empire Today jingle and legendary Empire Carpet Man have become more than advertising figures; they’re cultural icons. The jingle for Empire Today has stood the test of time and continues to end every Empire commercial you see on TV today.

Although many people assumed that the Empire Carpet Man was the owner of the company, he was actually portrayed by the same ad copywriter who composed the unforgettable jingle. It was during the search for the right man to play the part in his commercial that Hauldren’s fate would be changed. Many hours and auditions later, and with no success in finding the right person for the job, Seymour Cohen, Empire Carpet’s owner at the time quickly realized that Hauldren may be the person they were looking for all along. Cohen asked Hauldren to play the part and since then Lynn Hauldren has been commonly known as the Empire Carpet Man. In years since the commercials featuring the Empire Carpet Man first aired, the song and his face have become synonymous with both local, trustworthy service and Chicago itself.To learn more about the history of the nationally recognized Empire Carpet Man, feel free to explore this site.