Empire Carpet Man In The Media

Here, There & Everywhere − Reminiscing About the Empire Carpet Man

Maybe you’ve spotted the bobble doll or you recall the one man show classic Empire Carpet commercials, but the man, the legend, Elmer Lynn Hauldren, also known as the Empire Carpet man has left behind quite a legacy and a following. The Empire Carpet man has been loved by many Americans as they have enjoyed commercials and can’t stop but sing along to the Empire jingle when it comes on, also written by the Empire Carpet man.

The Empire Carpet Man, Lynn Hauldren, is known across the nation for his endearing smile and love for Empire Today. Even though Lynn is no longer with us, we at Empire still think of remember him fondly. Much of America does the same, as he is still mentioned in the media, even several years after his passing.

Check out the below links to explore recent mentions of the Empire Carpet Man:


NBC Chicago
Empire Carpet Man Dies

ABC local
Voice of Empire, ’588-2300′ dies at age 89

CBS local
Empire Carpet Man Dies At 89

Empire Carpet Commercial Guy — Dead at 89

WXIA-TV Atlanta
“Empire Carpet Guy” dies at 89

KARE-TV Minneapolis, MN
Voice of Empire carpet commercials passes



ABC News Radio Online
Empire Carpet Man Dead at 89

WCFS-FM 105.9 Chicago
Empire Carpet Man Passes Away At 89

WBEX-FM 91.5
Empire Carpet should seriously consider retiring 588-2300 as tribute

WUIS-FM 91.9 (Springfield)
Empire Carpet Man Dies

KOOL-FM 94.5 Phoenix
Empire Carpet Pitch Man Dies At 89

Illinois Public Radio
Elmer Lynn Hauldren, Empire Carpet Man, Dead at 89

WJMK-FM 104.3
RIP Mr. Empire Carpet :(

WUSN-99 Chicago
Empire Carpet Man Passes Away At 89


Fresh 105.9
Empire Carpet Man Passes Away At 89


‘Empire Carpet guy’ dies

Empire Carpet Man Dies



Empire® Man Character Inspiration Lynn Hauldren Passes Away at Age of 89