Empire Carpet Thanksgiving Commercial

Empire Carpet Man Thanksgiving TurkeyIn another classic Empire Today® television commercial Lynn Haldren plays the role of a pilgrim for the Empire Carpet‘s Thanksgiving Sale. For this promotion, Lynn reassures a rather large turkey not to worry. “Thanksgiving, like this sale, won’t last long,” he says kindly.

As he patted the turkey on the head, it looked at Lynn and gobbled right on cue. It turns out that this was a very famous turkey in Chicago. This locally famous turkey was trained to sit still and gobble on cue, it had made many live performances around the city and on the news. In fact, the turkey sat so still, some wondered if the turkey was not somehow affixed to his director’s chair. But no, that turkey was a pro, just like Lynn Hauldren (The Empire Carpet Man).

An Empire Carpet Thanksgiving

Ending in the popular Empire Jingle, this commercial was a favorite for years and a familiar kickoff to the holiday season.