“The Empire Carpet Man”

An Advertising Icon

Although many television viewers thought Lynn Hauldren (“The Empire Carpet Man”) was the owner of Empire Today, in truth it was quite a different role that started off his career as the personality of Empire Today and Empire Carpet®.

In the late 1970s, Lynn Hauldren was an advertising copywriter, working on the Empire Carpet account. He had created the “Empire Carpet Man” character but couldn’t find the right actor to play the part. After auditioning several actors, and with the television commercial shoot date looming, owner Seymour Cohen asked Lynn himself to play the character. Since then, Lynn played The Empire Carpet Man in countless Empire Carpet and Empire Flooring commercials broadcast across the United States until the early part of 2000. Since then he continued to provide the voice of the animated character, until his passing in 2011.

One of the more popular commercials Lynn Hauldren appeared in was for the Empire Monster Carpet Sale in which he played a Vampire advertising “Monster Savings”. Lynn enjoyed playing the role very much, and the commercial appeared on TV through many Halloween seasons.

One popular holiday themed Empire Carpet commercial featured Lynn Hauldren dressed as a pilgrim while promoting Empire Carpet’s Thanksgiving Day Sale. Lynn and his turkey friend had clear chemistry and played their parts perfectly. The commercial became a favorite for many years past.

Lynn and his turkey friend played their part perfectly and the commercial became a favorite for many years past.

Another memorable commercial featured Lynn promoting The Empire Carpet Holiday Sale while bearing gifts and presents.

This commercial also featured memorable holiday figures including dancing elves and a break-dancing Santa.

Lynn also was the original writer of the famous Empire Today jingle “Five Eight Eight, Two, Three Hundred, EMPIRE!” and was also credited with recording the jingle.

The Empire Carpet Man Goes on Tour

Did you know that the Empire Carpet Man went on an cross-country tour? The icon of the famous spokesperson travelled in major cities of the United States with a devoted team to bring some Empire Carpet cheer. From Seattle to Washington DC, Las Vegas to Chicago, San Francisco to New York city, the Empire Carpet Man made an appearance and many time sang alongside fans the well known and loved Empire Today jingle.

The Empire Carpet Man in Chicago


Like a true icon, Lynn Hauldren lives on as his image has been put on T-shirts, dolls and even a limited edition bobblehead figure.

Elmer Lynn Hauldren passed away on April 26, 2011 at the age of 89. Lynn left behind six children, 18 grandchildren, 10 great-grandchildren, and an entire country of people that will not soon forget his calming voice, friendly demeanor, and enthusiasm for Empire Carpet and Empire Today.

Empire Today has made a contribution to Barbershop Harmony Society in honor of Lynn’s love of music. If you would like to learn more about the Barbershop Harmony Society, we encourage you to visit www.barbershop.org. To make a donation in honor of Lynn, please visit http://www.harmonyfoundation.org.

Empire Flooring and the Empire Carpet Man: Unforgettable

Countless adults born in the seventies and beyond can sing the Empire Carpet jingle from memory. The mellow tones of the Empire Carpet Man rang out from the televisions and radios from the time they were little children. Regarded as one of the most memorable commercial campaigns of all time, the Empire Carpet Man and his song did more than sell Empire Flooring. Lynn Hauldren’s kind demeanor and unassuming smile became part of childhood itself.

Bringing Empire Carpet home is a bit like returning to the simplicity of those days. Value and a fair price are givens, and the vast selection of styles has been chosen with pride. The promise of quality and a great experience, which the Empire Carpet Man’s smile seemed to convey, is realized with every room finished with Empire Carpet. Both the results, and the memory of Lynn Hauldren, are utterly unforgettable. Rediscover value, simplicity, and the Empire Carpet Man’s legacy by visiting empirecarpetman.com.